When was the last time you got a Forward Push?

There is Absolutely Nothing Like A Forward Push

Forward Push Empowerment (FPE), a service-based organization, powerfully uses life coaching, Biblical principles, and participant readiness to motivate women to:

Persist in achieving their personal goals.

Utilize their talents, gifts, and abilities.
Stand in their authentic self.
Help others to live the life God has intended for them.

Forward Push Empowerment’s overarching coaching style is to assist women in: pushing past being stuck in the mundane; awakening dormant dreams and passions; creating a visual representation of the vision/goals they set for themselves; and propelling to a new level of personal growth, transformation, and accountability. FPE hosts workshops year-round that have proven to be a source of Fun, Creativity, Connection, and Accountability as women set out to enjoy a day of healthy connections.

Brenda’s personalized Push coaching sessions will assist you in identifying and setting a plan to accomplish the results you desire.

1. Imagine living better.

2. Create the plan you imagined.

3. Lean into Help and Guidance.

4. Thrive and enjoy the life you created!

Are you ready for your next level?

Ready…Set…Forward PUSH…

Ready~…Reserve your Push.

Set~…Commit to the process of accountability.

Forward PUSH~Persist until you achieve your personal goals, Utilize your gifts, Stand in your authentic self, & Help others

Upcoming Events

Forward Push Empowerment tailored events could help the women of your organization, ministry and or group to develop attitudes and behaviors that will carry them through a focused and successful year!

It’s All About the Take Away!

You’ve inspired me so often with your confidence and uplifting spirit. I’ve come to learn that you have qualities that are deep and beautiful; making you who you are. You’ve taught me not to focus on the bad times because they are only temporary; but rather watch keep watch out for the good times that are coming my way. All the inspiration you’ve freely given and the genuine-heartfelt belief you’ve extended to me and others leads me to believe that new and wonderful things will find you!


ENCOURAGER! You always have a word of encouragement on your list to lift anyone you come in contact with!

Pastor Naomi

Brenda had the ability to connect with people. She has the ability to encourage and empower the brothers and sisters of Christ whether she is ministering to a large crowd or one on one. Brenda is authentic and her great sense of humor makes her relatable and easy to connect with people. She truly loves God’s people and knows that this  is a part of her purpose. 

On a personal level, I know that she prayed for me last year during a difficult time of losing a very important person in my life. She encouraging and has a great ability to exercise active listening that allows me to feel heard. She has the ability to allow someone to see a situation from a different perspective.

Kimberly P.

Coach Brenda, you have the ability to see in others what we cannot see in ourselves. You kindly and gently speak words of wisdom to guide us towards finding our own answers. I remember when you challenged me to discover my true love language as you discerned that the love language I had claimed as mine was, in fact, not true to the essence of who I am. Once I discovered my true love language, you praised my accomplishment and celebrated with me. You did then encourage me to not be distracted by the things that may come into my life and attempt to draw my focus away from what my love language truly is.

Rebecca Lucas

One of the things i love and appreciate about you is when you step out and take initiative on things, anything and everything. One of the many things i can think of is your recommendations on the FB stuff, WEB and such. Your tireless thoughts communicates your care and desire to see the best outcome. It truly speaks volumes to me personally and i so appreciate the ideas so much so that i would like for us to visit around those recommendations.


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