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Brenda Stone

Motivational Speaker

PUSH Coach

Brenda Stone



Personal Power Expert

Push Coach Brenda is a passionate, dedicated motivational speaker, educator and Personal Power Expert with more than 10 years of experience in serving the needs of all age groups in multiple different capacities. Experienced in partnering with clients, to develop positive practices, workshops and behavioral training to unlock hidden potential and actuality goals.


  • PCCI Certified Coach Program – Present
  • Connecticut College Access and Success Program (ConnCAS) Program Mentor
  • International Family Worship CenterLicense Ministerial Training Program
  • Ordain Associate Life Group Pastor
  • Three Rivers Community College Associate of Arts and Science Degree


Power Strengths

  • Public Speaking
  • Decision Making
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Personal and Group Education and Training
  • Negotiation Learning Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Fundraising Event Planning

Great Leaders shine enough light on the importance of pushing others forward, that no one person will find themselves at the top of the success ladder alone.

~ Brenda Stone 

It’s All About The Take Away!

Forward Push has given me the confidence and the safe space that I needed to move out of my comfort zone where fear and doubt live. Forward Push does just that, Push you towards the finish line where you make your dreams a reality and kick fear and doubt to the curb! I’m so thankful I got my Push!

Bayyinah Marbury

Your such a blessing to me and I’m so glad others get to partake of your ministry so we can make an enormous impact together for the Kingdom of God in our communities!  Pushing Forward together

Kim Sinclair

Coach Brenda has the capability to encourage people during low points of life. For instance, I specifically remember running to you when I felt as though a cherished relationship was ruined. You had helped me to renew my mindset so that instead of believing things couldn’t be fixed I could try a new strategy to mend our relationship. I would not have known what to do, but in times that are most needed, Mrs. Brenda always has a few words to push you through your situation. 

Lenora S.

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